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Ranbotel bloodline agent

"Hello mortal. I am Ranbotel,a guide, of sorts. Over the years I've watched as countless warriors challenge forces they didn't fully comprehend. How can they dare to challenge a perfec, immortal evil? You look like the rest of those pathetic creatures of meat and bone, though you'r clearly different. Within you lies a powerful force, a Bloodline that when unlocked, will grant you an incredible power. I can help you realize your true potential but first you'll need to acquire certain items. Complete the Bloodline quest to unlock Aspects Slots so you can get started on unlocking your true potential. Aspects can be found in Heimdallr's Call, at the legion Merchant, Arena Shop and from wild bosses. Aspect Pearls can be found in the Everstill Lands, Plain of Despair, Asgard and the Defiled Paradise"

Each Bloodline has it's own 5 unique skills. They are 3 passive and 2 active.

Slughter - Red Nature - Green Order - Blue Immortality - Yellow

To get those skills You need to upgrade Aspects. Every Bloodline skill requires a specific amount of one of the four Affinities for it to be activated. More powerful skill = higher Affinity If You've got enough Affinity in the Bloodline to unlock skill, You can keep upgrading Affinity to have higher level of the skill.