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3 types:

Alchemy: Food, Pots extremely easy 2 lvl, makes slow but very steady coin through selling, also the cheapest 2 submit for exp @ labs of that one NPC *insert name here* not much else to say

u all need pots and food, this is cheapest and easiest way 2 get it

Handicraft: Make soul sealing orbs for catching mobs souls Aura of soul Jades into soul jades (need 3 rare mats) later on u can make starword rechargers (worth lots of money {[starsoul price * 10]+100k}1.25 is the price u should sell them for

also, holylight soulsbeads and magiclight soulbeads can be produced (gives an extra 50 or 100% xp, depending on which on, for a set amount of xp, like 18m, or 9m, or 4.5m) the one that increase xp gain by 100% requires 200 sacred particles, which are obbtained from HG (hunting ground) quests, and require territory also gotten free from some quests

this is a good moneymaker the soulbeads, auras and rechargers all give nice coin, and medium dificulty to lvl up

Arms: makes stardust and holy water stardust gives a player additional stats like vit, mag hp, mp etc., nothing groudbreaking, but these can activate a starword, which, when charged w/ a starword recharger, will give u impressive stat boosts (heal boosts, hp, mp, attack, def) hoy water can improve chalices, which can boost mag/phys attack, depending on class later lvled onesalso boost attack by a set amount (3% is what iv seen)

this is the ULTIMATE MONEYMAKER, single lvl 3 starwords are commonly sold for as much as 400k ea, but keep in mind it is very hard 2 lvl

- boom_u_dead