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Name Level Location Growth Fortitude Martial Acuity Defence Skills
Grudge Sadsoul 6 Plain of Despair 270 300 650 650 300 Sanctifier Strength Boost Arthritis Fear Dragon Undead Protection
Molten Dragon 6 Plain of Despair 270 300 650 300 650 Demon Hunter Spirit Boost Clumsy Feet Fear Angelic Demon Protection
Ivory Wing Angel 6 Asgard 270 300 300 650 650
Nordic Polar Bear 5 Nordic Lands 250 550 550 250 Mecha Buster Faltering Strikes Fear Humanoid Mecha Protection Distraction Medium Insight
Scorching Lizard 5 Burning Land 250 250 550 550 Fire Pierce Demon Hunter Arthritis Fear Angelic Mobility Advanced Insight
Sighting Spirit 5 Everstill Lands 550 550 250 250 Sanctifier Arthritis Fear Dragon Power Undead Protection
Undine 5 Nordic Lands 250 550 250 550 Armor Pierce Butcher Undead Protection Amnesia Fear Dragon
Necro Wanderer 6 Plain of Despair 650 300 300 650 Fire Assist Executioner Clumsy Feet Fear Angel Focus (skill) Humanoid Protection
Demon Scout sanctifier dexterity boost Stifled Flame Fear Dragon Undead Protection
Ultimate Behemoth 2 Sacred Beast
Defiled Centaur 6 DP 270 300 650 650 300 Ice Assist Weakened Soul Angel Protection Magic Potential Basic Insight
Defiled Cyclops 6 Defiled Paradise 270 300 300 650 650 Fortification Strength Boost Magic Def Weak Clumsy Feet Angel Protect
Demonland Howler 2 Sacred Beast Combat Heal Arthritis Fear Demon Health
Firehorn Bull 6 Devil Heart 270 300 650 650 300 demon hunter clumsy fear angel demon protection Magic Potential
Molten Giant 6 Devil Heart 270 650 650 300 300 fire pierce demon hunter arthritis fear angel mobility demon protection Advanced insight
Cerulean Titan 7 Titan's Temple 280 350 700 700 350 Ice Assist Ice pierce Divine Inquisitor stifled flame fear animal angel protection
Titan Phoebe 7 Titan's Temple 280 350 700 350 700 Butcher anemia fear dragon undead protection armor pierce
Underworld Sovereign 2 Sacred Beast Poor Vision Fear Dragon Intelligence Blade Armor
Castle Warden 6 COJ 270 650 300 650 300 Fire Assist Executioner (Hum) Intellect Boost Clumsy Feet Fear An Hum Prot


Name Level Location Growth Fortitude Martial Acuity Defence Skills
Nordic White Bear 5 Nordic Lands 250 550 550 250 Faltering Strikes Fear Humanoid Lacerate Arcane Ward Corrosion Medium Insight
Nordic Brown Bear 5 Nordic Lands 550 250 250 550 Narcolepsy Faltering Strikes Lacerate Counter Hit Corrosion Medium Insight
Blazing Titan
Defiant Valkyrie
Flamescale Beast
Flametail fox 6 DH 270 fire Flesh Ream mag def weakness fear animal ignition Hunter-Gatherer
eversilent spirit
Castle Guardian
Flame Abomination
Fire Siren
Grassland Direwolf
Grassland Siren
Lizard Rampager
Lizard Bonecrusher
Faded Stalker
Demon Berserker
Necro Abomination
Defiled Eaglebeast Dom Hum Narc Fear Angel Magic Combo Understanding
Defiled Minoatur Dom Ang Falterting Strike Puncture Physical Combo Vengeance
Redeemer Spirit Stalwart Reprisal Frost Burn Redeemer
Demon Swordsmand
Demon Bersekrer
Rockskin High Dragon


Name Level Location Element Growth Fortitude Martial Acuity Defence Skills
Spirit of Despair 6 Plain of Despair Ice attack 270 300 650 650 300 Dominate Undead Undead Resistance Cornered Narcolepsy Fear Dragon
Saboteur 6 PoD Dark attack 270 300 650 300 650
Icewraith Drifter 6 PoD 270 650 300 300 650 Dominate Hunanoid Humanoid Resistance Poor Vision Fear Demon Reckless Speed
Cursed Sadsoul 5 Dominate Undead Undead Resistance Narcolepsy Fear Dragon Rampage
Lava Dragon 5 Everstill Lands Light attack Dominate Demon Demon Resistance Poor Vision Fear Angel Swiftness
Nordic Blue Serpent 5 Nordic Land Dominate Demon Demon Resistance Anemia Fear Angel Mana Soul
Nordic Snow Bear 5 Nordic Land Dominate Mecha Mecha Resist Narcolepsy Fear Human Carapace Medium Insight
Grassland Blackwolf 4
Everfrozen Ant Dominate Humanoid Frost Affinity Frost Void Human Resistance Psychosis Fear Demon
Berne Scout
Sacred Ninetail 6 Asgard Fire attack Physical Defense Weakness Fear Humananoid Lacerate Cripple Corrosion Basic Insight
Fire Demon 5
Defiled Harpy 6 DP 270 Flame affinity Fire pierce poor vision Mana Soul Adrenaline
Defiled Satyr 6 Defiled Paradise 270 Dominate Angelic Cornered Faltering Strikes Stoneskin Rampage
Rampager 3 ToW
Rainbow Runner 2 Sacred Beast Clumsy Feet Fear Dragon Might Adrenaline