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Magnetos, Commonly refered to as Mag, drops Lvl 45 golden gear it is easily soloable in normal by urself w/ the lvl 45 gg, w/out the gear however, it is a bit harder

lots of higher lvls will take you, 1 hit ko the mobs 2 get alms (a reward for thoses helping people 20 lvls or more below u)

I HATE THIS METHOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want the challenge

if i could, i would lvl several alts to 40 just 2 run this on different classes, but i dont have that kinda time

Entrance is a hallway, with several mobs. Take them out individually, or if u r 45+ w/ full golden gear (GG) run past them into a sort of clearing with some more mobs aoe them here to make the run go faster

after this theres a boss (Nynth the dragon rider?) , just slash away, watch a curse that he does, idk what it does

run through, kill some more mobs, then theres a eye thingy, that says blah blah blah imma kill you feast on ur remains blah blah blah suffering despair blah blah if ur 60+ stay in the middle, otherwise just run back and pick the mobs off 1v1, they come from the 4 portals around the edge of the room, congregate in the middle and spread out. there are several waves, stay if you want, otherwise go on

then theres a huge clearing w/ exactly 20 giants, if ur 60 plus, round them all up, aoes, rage skill, that 6 min cooldown aoe item pow pow pow they dead, if not do it in several pulls at a time

run through a hallway, theres a clearing, kill those mobs, then a boss (Khar) he easy, just auto attack (z key) he spawns ugly red mobs that do >10 dmge ea, but have a ton of hp, so kill him, steal his drops and ignore his minions

- boom_u_dead